Hotpoint H3X 81I Fridge Freezer Frost Free – White – 60cm Wide


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Hotpoint H3X 81I W Fridge Freezer 

60cm Wide Total No Frost Fridge Freezer


H3X81IW Instructions

The freestanding Hotpoint H3X 81I W fridge freezer in white is full of thoughtful technology such as Total No Frost, so you never have to defrost your fridge and freezer ever again. There’s also Active Fresh, which helps you to prevent food waste by ensuring the ideal temperatures for longer food preservation. As well as the Fresh Zone drawer that will maintain your salads crispiness and helps to care for your vegetables so they last longer.

Product Overview

Do you feel like you spend longer searching for your ingredients than cooking them? If so, this Hotpoint fridge freezer will save you time. Its handy drawer will keep your fruit and veggies organised, so you’ll never have to rummage around for the carrots again. Phew. Plus, it can hold up to 12 bags of shopping, meaning there’s plenty space for all your favourite drinks and snacks. And don’t worry about defrosting – it’s got clever tech that keeps annoying icy build-ups at bay. Even the doors are reversible, so it’ll perfectly fit into your kitchen layout.

Key Features

  • 231 litre capacity fridge capacity – holds 12 bags of food shopping
  • 104 litre freezer capacity
  • Clever tech stops ice build-ups in the fridge & freezer
  • Special drawer to keep fruit and veg organised
  • Reversible doors to suit your kitchen layout
  • Dimensions (cm) – H191.2 x W59.6 x D67.8

Keeps fruit and vegetables crunchy and ripe

Because the fridge’s Fresh Zone+ drawer is specially designed for fruit and veg, it’ll keep all your favourite greens at their best for longer. It has an easy-to-use slider that lets you adjust the humidity level inside, so you can create the ideal environment for what you’re storing. So, those hearty root vegetables are kept fresh and crunchy, while your summer berries stay perfectly ripe and juicy.

No Frost

To make life easier this model features clever no frost technology that means you’ll never need to manually defrost the freezer again. By using a fan to constantly circulate cold air inside the cabinet, this model prevents ice from forming on the freezer walls, meaning you’ll no longer have to scrape away ice and frost. As well as eliminating maintenance work, your food is also kept fresher and healthier as ice doesn’t form on your frozen items.




This appliance is not suitable for use in an outbuilding or garage

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