Bosch WGG25402GB Series 6 10kg Load, 1400rpm Spin Speed A Rated


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Series 6, Washing machine, front loader, 10 kg, 1400 rpm, WGG25402GB




Laundry made oh-so-easy. Bosch’s packed loads of thoughtful features into this washing machine to make cleaning a doddle. The 15-minute quick wash comes in super handy if you’re short on time, with automatic load sensors ensuring amazing results while using less water; so you’ll save on those precious pennies. It’s great for open-plan living too – the frictionless motor reduces noise to a minimum. Plus, with its A-rated energy performance, it’s kinder to the environment and your energy bills.


  •  845mm
  •  598mm
  •  588mm

Perfect results at the minimum water consumption, even with smaller loads thanks to ActiveWater Plus.

  • Best energy class A: save energy with the most efficient class A.
  • Speed Perfect: get the perfect clean in up to 65% less time.
  • ActiveWater Plus: For highly efficient use of water even with smaller loads thanks to automatic load detection.
  • AntiStain: reliably removes four of the most common stains.
  • Reload function: forgot an item? Add it easily to the wash.



Energy Efficiency Class ABy using energy-saving home appliances, you save valuable resources. That’s why you should consider low energy and water consumption values when you purchase a home appliance. The energy label, specifies the efficiency class, noise level, capacity, energy and water consumption of the relevant appliance. The new efficiency class is now rated from A to G for washing machines. Thanks to our high efficiency energy saving system, the Bosch washing machine range includes models that achieve the best energy class A without compromising on results.


Speed PerfectWhen time is of the essence, washing machines with Speed Perfect can cut washing time by up to 65%, without compromising your results. Speed Perfect can be used in combination with most programmes, and with all load sizes and fabric types. For example, you can select the mixed programme along with Speed Perfect to thoroughly wash up to four kilograms of clothes in just 46 minutes.


AntiStainWith the AntiStain Removal system, your washing machine or washer-dryer can tackle four stubborn types of stain with ease. It automatically adjusts the temperature, drum movement and soaking time to easily remove up to four of the most stubborn stains fully automatically. It’s the perfect way to remove butter or oil, grass, red wine and blood stains.


Reload functionForgot to add a sock, or a stray t-shirt? No problem! The Reload function lets you easily add or remove clothes during wash cycles*. Just press the Reload button and open the door, then add your forgotten items and continue the wash. *As a safety feature, you can’t use Reload if the suds are hotter than 50°C or the water level is too high.


10kg VarioDrum

Our large drum allows water and detergent to be distributed evenly and efficiently during the wash. Now you can wash up to 10kg of laundry with our large VarioDrum; enough space for the laundry to move gently, even for large items like bedspreads or bed linen. The result: 10kg of perfectly clean laundry.


Hygiene Plus

Sometimes clean just isn’t clean enough. That’s why we developed the Hygiene Plus programme. It keeps the temperature during the wash cycle constant and an additional rinse cycle is added to ensure hygienically clean laundry, effectively killing germs and house dust mites. The result: hygienic washing results that kill 99,99% of common germs even at 40°C.* *Bosch washing machines with the ‘HygienePlus’ wash programme at 40° and 60° fulfill scientifically recommended conditions for 99,99% of germ reduction for Enterococcus Hirae and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, according to Honisch et al. 2014, “Impact of wash cycle time, temperature and detergent formulation on the hygiene effectiveness of domestic laundering.” Conducted by University Rhine-Waal.


DrumClean ReminderAfter 20 cycles under 40℃, your washing machine will automatically remind you to clean the drum using the ‘DrumClean’ feature. Simply run the programme to ensure your clothes continue to be properly cleaned to perfection.

Super Quick 30Super Quick 30 is a convenient method of freshening up lightly-soiled laundry in just 30 minutes.


Technical Information

  • Slide-under installation
  • Dimensions (H x W): 84.5 cm x 59.8 cm
  • Appliance depth: 58.8 cm
  • Appliance depth incl. door: 63.2 cm
  • Appliance depth with open door: 104.9 cm


Technical details

  • Product series: Series 6
  • Construction type: Free-standing
  • Is this appliance intended to be built-in: No
  • Type of control: Electronic
  • Installation type: Free-standing
  • Type of control settings: LCD, push-button
  • Removable work top: No
  • Porthole: Glass window
  • Loading type: Front loader
  • Door hinge: Left
  • Main colour of product: White
  • Basic color of product: White
  • Electrical connection rating: 2300 W
  • Current: 10
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Voltage Minimum: 220 V
  • Voltage Maximum: 240 V
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Length of electrical supply cord: 210.0 cm
  • Plug type: GB plug
  • Height of removable worktop mm
  • Adjustable feet: Yes – all
  • Height of the product: 845 mm
  • Height of the packed product: 875 mm
  • Maximum adjustability feet: 12 mm
  • Width of the product: 598 mm
  • Depth of the product: 588 mm
  • Depth of the packed product: 680 mm
  • Width of the packed product: 645 mm
  • Depth with open door 90 degree: 1049 mm
  • Net weight: 75.0 kg
  • Gross weight: 75.8 kg
  • Wheels: No
  • Designed for release of silver ions (EU 2017/1369): No
  • Energy Efficiency Class (Regulation (EU) 2017/1369): A
  • Energy Efficiency Index for the washing cycle (EU 2017/1369): 51.7
  • Energy consumption in kWh per kg per cycle of eco 40-60 programme (EU 2017/1369): 0.511 kWh/cycle
  • Max temp inside textile during eco 40-60 programme at halfcapacity (EU 2017/1369): 28 °C
  • Max temp inside textile during eco 40-60 programme at quarter capacity (EU 2017/1369): 23 °C
  • Max temp inside textile during eco 40-60 programme at rated capacity (EU 2017/1369): 35 °C
  • Percentage of moisture contained in load after eco 40-60 programme at half capacity (EU 2017/1369): 50 %
  • Percentage of moisture contained in load after eco 40-60 programme at quarter capacity (EU 2017/1369): 55 %
  • Percentage of moisture contained in load after eco 40-60 programme at rated capacity (EU 2017/1369): 52 %
  • Airborne acoustical noise emissions (EU 2017/1369): 74 dB re 1 pW
  • Airborne acoustical noise emission class (EU 2017/1369): B
  • Power consumption in delay start (EU 2017/1369): 1.00 W
  • Power consumption in networked standby mode (EU 2017/1369): 0.00 W
  • Power consumption in standby mode (EU 2017/1369): 0.40 W
  • Power consumption in off-mode (EU 2017/1369): 0.10 W
  • Maximum capacity in kg (EU 2017/1369): 10.0 kg
  • Rinsing effectiveness of the eco 40-60 programme (EU 2017/1369): 5.0 gram per kilogram
  • Spin-drying efficiency class of eco 40-60 programme (EU 2017/1369): B
  • The spin speed in rpm of the eco 40-60 programme at half capacity (EU 2017/1369): 1400 rpm
  • The spin speed in rpm of the eco 40-60 programme at quarter capacity (EU 2017/1369): 1400 rpm
  • The spin speed in rpm of the eco 40-60 programme at rated capacity (EU 2017/1369): 1351 rpm
  • Washing efficiency index eco 40-60 programme (EU 2017/1369): 1.035
  • Duration of eco 40-60 wash cycle in hours and mins at half capacity (EU 2017/1369): 2:55
  • Duration of eco 40-60 wash cycle in hours and mins at quarter capacity (EU 2017/1369): 2:30
  • Duration of eco 40-60 programme in hours and mins at rated capacity (EU 2017/1369): 3:50
  • The water consumption of the eco programme in liters per cycle (EU 2017/1369): 50 l/cycle
  • Weighted energy consumption in kWh per 100 washing cycles of eco 40-60 programme (EU 2017/1369): 51 kWh/100 cycles
  • Weighted average percentage of moisture contained in load after eco 40-60 programme (EU 2017/1369): 52.9
  • Additional operational options: demo programme, stain table
  • Automatic programmes: No
  • Available languages display: English
  • Balance control: Yes
  • Cold wash option: Yes
  • Degree of dirtiness recognition: No
  • Foam control: Yes
  • Digital countdown indicator: Yes
  • Progress indicator: LED, LED-display
  • List of programmes: Delicates programme, Easy-care programme, Whites and coloureds programme, Woollens hand wash programme
  • Spin speed options: Variable
  • Skip spin: Yes
  • Separate temperature control options: Steps
  • Weight measurement: Yes
  • Energy Smart appliance, able to optimise consumption pattern (2017/1369/EU): No
  • Capability of wireless communication: No
  • SIM card slot available: No
  • Kind of remote access: No, only direct access
  • Possibility of remote upgrade: No
  • Possibility of remote update for maintenance: No
  • Possibility of Voice Control: No
  • Water plus: Yes
  • Anti-crease function: Anti-crease phase at progr end
  • Door opening: Handle
  • Tub material: Plastic
  • Drum volume: 70 l
  • Drum material: Stainless steel
  • Hot & cold water intake?: No
  • Software update: No
  • Start delay options: Continuous
  • Stop delay or a start delay option: Stop
  • Stop delay time max.: 24 h
  • Interior light: No
  • Type of water protection system: Multiple water protection
  • EPREL registration number: 1060275
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